Arthas Menethil The Lich King – World of Warcraft 7″ Action Figure


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  • Arthas Menethil has been given the full treatment with devastatingly good detail.
  • The Lich King himself as a figure that stands 7 inches
  • Arthas Menethil, Crown Prince of Lordaeron and Knight of the Silver Hand, was the son of King Terenas Menethil II and heir to the throne. He trained by Uther the Lightbringer, and had a romantic relationship with the sorceress Jaina Proudmoore.Despite his beginnings, Arthas became one of the most powerful and evil beings In Azeroth. Taking up the cursed runeblade Frostmourne, he became a death knight, led the Scourge in destroying Lordaeron, and merged with the Lich King.
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